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Hinds Head Main Menu


Homemade Garlic Bread £2.95
Add cheese £1.00

Soup of the day served with white or brown bloomer £4.95

Prawn Cocktail served with white or brown bloomer £6.25

Brussels Pâté served with toast, side salad and sweet onion chutney £4.95

Southern Fried Chicken Goujons served with sriracha mayo and side salad £5.95

The Hinds Head Feast- Southern fried chicken goujons, Garlic bread, Curly fries, Onion rings, Halloumi sticks & Salad. Served with a side of sweet chilli sauce and garlic mayo. £10.95

Greek Meze- Feta cheese, Mixed olives, Tapenade, Humous, Warm pitta bread and Cool mint dip £8.95

Nachos for 2- Nachos topped with chunky tomato salsa, melted cheese and a side of Jalapenos and Sour cream £7.95
add Chilli Con Carne for £2.00


 Cheese Burger – Beef burger topped with cheddar cheese served on a fresh bun with a side of skin on chips and a side salad £12.95

Cajun Chicken Burger – Butterfly chicken breast seasoned in a Cajun spice and topped with sriracha mayo. Served on a fresh bun with a side of skin on chips and a side salad £12.95

Crispy Halloumi Burger- Crispy fried halloumi topped with a homemade tomato & onion chutney and salad. Served on a fresh bun with a side of skin on chips and a side salad £12.95 (V)

Homemade Chilli Con Carne £10.95
Served with rice or skin on chips (add both for £2.25). With sour cream and jalapenos

Homemade Beef Lasagne served with Garlic bread and a side salad £10.95

Giant Beer Battered Haddock £12.95
Served with skin on chips, mushy peas, tartare sauce & a fresh lemon wedge

Homemade Pie of the day £10.95
Served with skin on chips or creamy mashed potato, peas & gravy

10oz Premium Cheshire Rump Steak £14.95
Served with skin on chips, grilled tomato and garden peas

10oz Gammon Steak £12.95
Served with egg, pineapple or both. With skin on chips, grilled tomato and garden peas

Chicken and Chorizo Pasta £12.95
Chicken, chorizo, chilli and garlic arrabiata penne pasta served with a side of warm garlic bread

Chicken Caesar Salad £8.95

Prawn Marie Rose Salad £8.25

Vegetarian Lasagne served with salad and Garlic Bread £10.95 (V)

Moving Mountain Burger topped with Vegan cheese and Vegan mayo served with a side salad and skin on chips £12.95 (Ve)

Moroccan style Tomato and Chickpea Pie. Served with skin on chips and your choice of peas or salad £10.95 (Ve)

Light Bites

All light bites, Sandwiches, Wraps and Jacket Potatoes are served 12pm – 5pm


Our sandwiches are served with a side salad, on your choice of white or brown bloomer, baguette or ciabatta (gluten free bread options available).
Add a side of gourmet skin on chips for £2.00

Prawn Marie Rose £5.50
Homemade fresh Haddock Goujons served with tartare sauce £6.50
Tuna Mayonnaise £5.50
Peppered Steak (or Chicken) with onions in a creamy pepper sauce £7.50
Chicken, Bacon and Cheese £7.25

Served with tortilla chips and a salad garnish


Cajun Chicken with mint yoghurt Dip £6.50

Chicken Caesar £6.95

Sweet Potato falafel, hummus and caramelised onion chutney £6.50

Jacket Potatoes

Served with a side salad, topped with your choice of;

Grated cheddar cheese £5.75

Prawn Marie Rose £6.25

Tuna Mayo £5.95

Baked Beans and cheese £5.95

Chilli Con Carne and Cheese £6.50

Enjoy the perfect hand carved Sunday Roast £11.95 / £6.95

Consisting of your meat option*, mash potato, seasonal vegetables and roast potatoes. Topped with a Yorkshire pudding, stuffing and a rich homemade gravy – Bon appétite!

*Please ask a team member for today’s meat options*

Gluten free gravy is used on all our roasts, so why not lose the Yorkshire pudding? (GF)

Only served on Sundays

** Please ask a member of staff for dessert options **